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I'm very shy.
But I'm very friendly.

Likes: Roleplay, Anime, Furries, Drawing, 4/20
Dislikes: Fevers, Shake, Badly scented lotion


do u ever smell weed and wonder where that chill person is


When your friends are all online at the same time


note to self; christians have a way of making you feel like shit and like the world hates you. avoid at all costs.

Hello there friends! My name is Charlie and I have a quest to do and I need your help!!!!!

Unfortunately, I have sever panic and anxiety disorder with psychosis and because of this, my doctor has deemed me unfit to work, therefor I have no job blah. Anyway. To the point. My therapist has recommended that I get some kind of therapy animal, and after the death of my rat, Jude (RIP little buddy ;A;)

 I decided to foster kittens and I had fallen in ABSOLUTE LOVE with one named “OJ” which was later changed to Pumpkin.  

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. 

I am not living at home anymore (my parents threw my ass out lmao) and now I am living with my fiancee’ and her family. Granted, her family is understanding and all, but they have some rules about the cat being here. 

1) I need to have the money to get him neutered, vaccinated and chipped

2) I must provide all of his food/litter/etc 

3) He must NOT live in a cage during his time with them.

See, there’s the issue. I can’t keep him out of a cage. That’s all we have for him, no bed, fuck I don’t even have a litter box. We’re using a plastic storage bin (x-small) for him to do his business in… I desperately need some help. I will be setting up a donation button on my profile, but I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to lose my cat, because of how calm and peaceful I feel around him, and it just feels so much better..  I do not wanna lose my baby boy.. 


I am going to do Pay What You Want commissions!! 

(donations are also accepted and very appreciated!!!)


But please remember, with the lower the payment, the less quality picture you will get. 

send me a message if you’re interested! ;A;